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Pick Up at Post Office?

Hello all,

I am UK based and am awaiting my pharma delivary, I gave my home address and yet have been notified that I need to pick up at a post office sorting office a few miles away, is this usual?
They have been very professional via email. This delivary method has confused me though.


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I’m the us at least I would not do it.

Aren’t the laws different there? Like you can buy & own steroids but can’t sell them? Something like that.

I would go and get it, they would have just confiscated it and not said anything if they knew what it was. That’s what I would do anyway

I had this a couple of weeks ago and went and collected it from the post office centre without any issues.

It’s legal to own and buy in uk i heard. Just go there , maybe they want you to pay custom duty ?

Never bought steroids, so my advice isn’t from experience, but my understanding of the law is that they are class c so legal to possess but not sell, they are legal to buy, but not if they are being posted to you or imported via a courier. However if there was a legal problem they would have sent the police round (someone I know had the police knocking after he tried to buy a butterfly knife online).

This is most likely a signature required or not enough postage paid, I’d say you’ll be fine to pick up.

Most likely a police surveillance setup. Collect the merchandise but do so disguised as a humpbacked homeless man with a limp whilst keeping an eye out for rooftop snipers, works for me every time


Turns out it was simply a mistake on the UK Mail website, it arrived today at my desired location.

I was feeling rather worried at first.

Now on to the gain…

I had a package get lost for 5 months that I had to go pick up from the post office. No issues.