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Pick One: Fat Gripz, Rings, or TRX?


between fat gripz, rogue rings or trx?

need views, opinions and insights

thanks a bunch


Rings. I do weighted pullups/dips on them, and also they're great for agility work.


Why not all three?


Fat gripz <3


You're comparing apples and oranges. Fat Gripz are an addition to an apparatus and cannot simply be used on their own like rings or TRX.


If you've got the room, probably TRX for its versatility.

Fat Gripz (I'm biased since I have/had a pair) will do wonders if your grip is lacking or want to build a poor man's fat bar

Rogue Rings look pretty sexy (TRX for the Crossfit set, it seems) but like another poster stated why not all 3 (if budget permits) & round out your options?


If you are buying the Fat Gripz from Elite FTS, why don't you get some Blast Straps with them? I would think you can do most of the exercises you would do on a TRX system or rings with those, and if you really wanted to, you could slide the Fat Gripz onto the Blast Strap handles and really challenge your grip on some of those exercises as well. Voila!!!!


Fat Gripz are ok, though, they really don't have the same kind of feel as a proper thick bb/db + for what they are, they cost a fortune!!! (I'm actually selling my FG's on Ebay right right now since I pretty much never use them & have just purchased a custom made Fat bar dumbell handle).

I personally, almost bought some OLY rings/TRX, though, I couldn't justify spending so much money on such a simple piece of equipment. Instead I opted to get some duplex webbing straps, since A) They cost only a fraction of the price & B) The weight capacity for non-training specific straps is HUUUUUUUUUGE!!!!!!!

The only big issue I suppose is the ease of adjustment <


Is this a choice of which you would choose as a weapon in a Cage Death Match?

I choose TRX. The length of the straps would allow me to strike my opponent from a greater range, I could also possibly choke them out with the strap.

I dont see much use for the others. Fat Gripz would make terrible fist packs IMO and WTF good would some rings do? Yeah you could probably throw it like one of those identity disks in that crappy Disney TRON movie... but I dont think it would hurt much (even if it hit you in the nose and made your eyes water)


In the movies a real Navy Seal can kill a man a dozen ways with gymnastic rings.


TRX is in a league of its own


You just became my new hero, and the next time I have disposable income, this.



Glad you liked it. I loves me some Blast Straps. That, and I think Elite sells some of the best stuff around, so I don't mind pluggin them.


But in real life, a real Navy Seal can kill a man with twice as many ways with something even as stupid as a shake weight.


none of the above

I'll pick the barbell



Best money I ever spent


I use my fat gripz every arm day and I swear by them - my training partner uses them on his trx too


Oh yeah? Well I use my fat gripz on my rings, trx, and my toothbrush.


TRX would be the most versatile of the three. Rings are very similar, I suppose, but the TRX gives you the option of a stirrup-sorta-thing for your foot (think jackknives, rear-foot-elevated lunges, etc).

As another poster said, FatGripz are in a different category, so they are not really comparable.


this thread got buried fast... thanks for all the responses. I know I'm comparing apples and oranges here, but the reason I asked is that I wanted to add something to my training..believe me, if I had the funds, I would have bought all 3 of them. But they fell on the xmas wish list and I can only pick one amongst the 3 to be put on the wishlist