Pick Apart My Deadlift Form

My deadlifts today felt really heavy. Now I hate to make excuses, but I think it was a combination of (a) my form sucks and (b) I’m not very strong.

Here are some deadlifts from today: - YouTube

How can I improve my technique? It probably goes without saying, but just tear me apart as much as you can. Thanks.

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Set to public now. Thanks.

Pull the slack out of the bar, you should get into position and push your hips back further, not lower, just further back.

You should feel like you might fall over backward, and that’s when you bring your hips into the bar firing up as hard and fast as you can.

Take a look at your head position too, the second you start the lift your head tilts up, keep it neutral the whole time if you can. Watch the eliteFTS so you think you can deadlift videos, you’re technique isn’t terrible. Some small tweaks and continued work will result in bigger pulls.

Biggest thing would be to talk to the gym owner about the music. That is sapping at least 10% of your potential strength.

In all seriousness, your form isn’t that bad at all. Have you been progressing on the deadlift in your training? Sometimes you’re just having a bad week or two – could be stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc. I’d just keep deadlifting, keep eating plenty and getting a bunch of sleep, and keep trying to add pounds to the bar.

I agree with Corst. When I first started I got a lot more benefit from lifting higher volume, than I did from lifting singles, doubles, or triples. Maybe start with sets of 10 with 185-225 (after warm-up). I try to lift a total of 15,000-20,000lbs total in a deadlift workout for volume. Maybe start with 7,500-10,000lbs until you can lift heavier weight. i.e. 4x10 with 225, then a set of triples with your best weight would put you at 10,000
Just a thought, post again when you make progress!

Thanks guys. Lots of helpful info here. I’ll post again when I make some solid progess (hopefully sooner rather than later)