Pick a Fight

Currently going thru casting in LA along with other cities I am sure.


We are looking for the toughest non professionally trained fighters in Los Angeles. You can be tough, fit and mean, you simply can not hold any belts in the martial arts or have boxed competitively EVER. An extensive health and background check will be undertaken by the producers of “Pick A Fight”.

The “pick a fight” show travels across the United States looking for the toughest man in each of the 10 chosen cities of the televised season. The winner from each city receives a monetary purse and the right to fight in the final competition held in Las Vegas for the North American Pick A Fight championship along with a purse of $100,000.00.

ANY non professional can compete! We want to know who you are and why you want to fight? Whether you lost your job and need the money, a family member is sick and you need to pay for health care, or you just think you are the baddest man around!!!

Please send a photo and or 2 min. video clip along with a detailed bio on yourself and why you want a shot at the “Pick A Fight” title!

Please forward all material to: pickafight1@gmail.com
Please make sure you include your contact information

Submissions must be received by next Friady as a casting interview will be held the weekend of August 1st. in downtown Los Angeles.

Seems like a bad idea and a quick way to put a bad light on fighters and the sport. If we thought some TUF fighters looked bad, man oh man this is gonna bring out some ugly.

I should go and just wreck people… but do you realize how many guys are gonna be going in there sandbagging?

Ya he hasn’t had any professional fights but he has 17 amateur bouts… or the dude from brazil who has no “official” record… or the russian dude that puts on his speedo, oils himself up and hunts polars bears with just a knife

Ya I thought that too, but I wonder how many ppl will actually see this. It was a Craigs list ad. I actually thought of you, and thought of going down to Legends and informing them if they didn’t know. Seriously if you could sandbag your way in, there is a chance for some serious cash and notoriety, which as shown by the losers of TUF; doesn’t hurt.

At the very least you can build up a kimbo-esque following… any exposure is good as long as you don’t get stuck in a contract or get a colonic on camera.

fwd’ing to a few people at 10th planet we’ll see what happens. I just sent in a submission (played the corporate slave trying to break free fightclub/wanted angle).

We’ll see if they’re legit and get back to me in a professional manner. Thing is for shit like this there are usually some legit casting calls and I dont see this on “I-actor” (SAG website).

Anyway I’ll keep you posted. If I get some legit shit back I have about 15 dudes who will probably go audition with me haha…

Ya, I can’t find it on LA Casting or Actors Access either. But ya, let me know, and I will give you any additional info I find. Haha, too cool.

Well… Jack Dempsey learned to fight in bars for money in the Midwest…

Any fights’ a good fight I guess.