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Pick 2: BCAAs or Surge Workout Fuel

I’m leaving the country in a month or so and want to place a fairly large order that will get me though 6 months. I’ve got a budget in mind and can either afford a whole bunch of BCAAs or just enough Surge Workout Fuel. My goal are pretty much aesthetic - I’m not an athlete, (although I do play sports) but I do like to go pretty hard in the gym. I’m also looking Surge, Alpha Male and trying Flameout for the first time. Maybe some HOT-ROX, but I’m moving to Malaysia…don’t think I’ll need to sweat anymore that I will. Thoughts?

Go with BCAA powder so you can get even more for you money. Superdosing BCAAs did wonders for me when I hit a plateau about 6 months ago, and I put on a lot of lean mass and strength. I was taking in about 45-60g during my workout, and 15g in each of my 2 shakes that I have during the day (one in the AM, one towards the end of the day), plus all the Surge added another 20-25g. Really though, I think it’s a good way to spend the money.