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pic - week 3


Just thought i would throw this up as a progress report, i know i should a took one before i started...

anyway, im trying to hit my chest twice a week because i see that as one of my week points.

any other critiques welcome...



Always good to see people with the balls to post a pic.

What are your stats? Height/Weight, how much have you gained, what is the cycle you're running, etc,


lookin good bro. i dont recall what your cycle looked like. but, you have a good foundation in place. dont be too hard on yourself about chest. i face the same dilemna. i wish everyday that my chest was half as strong as my back and legs. i am also working chest twice a week while on my 10 week prop/eq/tren/winny/t3/clen/eca cycle. good things come in time. just keep busting your ass.


Age: 23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200lbs
BF %: ?? (What do you guys think?)

Week 1-5: DBol, 40mg/day
Week 1-8: EQ, 400mg/week
Week 1-8: Test En, 500mg/week
w/ proper frontloading and anti-e's

15-20lbs lean mass gain


Very possible goals, just make sure you're getting adequate protein 400 grams ed or so and eating enough kcals.