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Pic: "Training to Kill People" vs "Training to Save Lives"

Im Sorry But I Hate This Picture And Anyone Who Posts It Thinking It’s A Good Argument Is an Absolute Idiot

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Haha, I got a free education on how to save people in Hospital Corpsman school. Got to learn how to saves lives and take them.

I think the OP’s question is fair. Many Americans are astonished by how expensive healthcare services are.

So do I…

… wait a minute! What’s his question?

I read the OP’s meme again. Forgive me. I was very tired and buzzed last night when on here.

Now that I see it again, the argument in the meme is that it costs a lot of money to be trained to be a doctor and thereby save lives but training to be in the military, which sometimes involves killing people, is free, and the OP thinks those who believe this argument are absolute idiots.

Your paying for the learning curve and difficulty of the act. People without any training kill people all the time, try saving someone from cancer without 8 years of school.

It seems to me that the logical choice is to enlist and follow the medical career path.

And, yes, the meme is stupid.

Destruction is always easier than construction. Case and point: time and skill it takes to build a skyscraper vs what it takes to blow it up in a controlled manner.

Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round. Stop one or both of these processes to kill someone.

There, training over.

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