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Pic: Squat Depth Yay or Nay?


Would this be a legal squat?


That probably passes today, but I think its high, and I think its high by rule.


Definitely high. I'd give 'er a red.


Looks to be about 3 cm high, based on this camera angle.


well, lets take a look....



I concur, high, wouldn't get red lighted all the time but most of the time. Shifting the weight to the heels makes it easier to sit back and keep a more vertical tibia which in turn makes it easier to hit depth


ok thanks!


So where do you 'high' folks consider the crease of the hip.? The guy who drew the line above is on the top of the guys ass. The top of his quad / hip crease is 3" lower than that line and appears to me to be slightly lower than the top of the knee. As I understand it, this is depth. I am no judge nor did I stay in a holiday inn express last night :).


High for IPF, ATG for SPF



Always mention the target federation/rule.


I was going to say that, basically. The joint angles are acute enough to get parallel but there is a forward lean. Sometimes this happens when you use lighter weights to gauge depth. Since its lighter than max, the weight itself has to come forward more to balance the hips going back, or else the knees come forward a little more to compensate, and in either case it can lower depth, relative to the knee despite being angularly as deep as a below parallel squat.


I think that the crease is the slight dent right at the point on the end of this line, which is dead parallel, however, the dent is lower on the left side of the thigh than in the middle of the thigh. You really should be able to see a point above the "crease" that is below the top of the knee. And personally some people call the top of the patella the top of the knee, and others look at the top of the vastus medialis. Typically I think its top of patella has to be higher than the highest point of the thigh at the crease, not just the lateral dent at the crease.

If you don't use the top of the patella, then there is no clear definition where the knee ends and the thigh starts. Also you can wear pants that dig into the crease and pull it down, but unless it pulls the whole crease below the top of the patalla its not parallel.


^^^ its hard to judge the hip crease because of his shorts. I agree with you observation and I've been around the block a time or two in this sport and would certainly pass if I was sitting in the side judge chair.


id vote right at or even just a hair above parallel


Top of ass = Hip crease


Im glad all the IPF judges on T-Nation already explained to you why it is so high.

To be honest If you popped the shit out of the hole you would most likely get white lights in feds like RAW UNITED, USPA, ect, USAPL is going to red you unless you jerk them off. It technically would be a tad high but its debatable. The judges do not have rewind or pause. So sink your opener, and if you take your 2nd and 3rd to this depth it would most likely get passed more often than it would be red lighted.


Easy rule of thumb to keep in mind as explained to me by 100% Raw pres Paul Bossi when judging depth. If you put a marble on the top of the thigh musculature at the knee (where the first orange mark is shown by the pic) would the marble roll back to the hip or forward to the feet? If it would roll back, it is a below parallel squat. If not, it isn't. In this pic the marble would not roll back. Having said all of that a singlet does make the judging a bit easier when it comes to depth and this is pretty close


The fact that the camera was on the ground skews your astute MS paint line-test.

There's a reason why competitions have 3 judges. The angle you look at it from makes a world of difference.

From just this angle alone, I'd say it's a pass, even if only by 2 white lights.


As always, Tim has some awesome info. Thank man!.

Thanks to Mert also.


Maybe if you wear skinny jeans... lol.