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Pic of Ventrogluteal?


Can anyone post a picture of the VG. I've only seen drawings or models, anyone have a real example...NO HOMO!


Have you tried Google Image Search? I found a couple of good pictures. Otherwise there's exrx.net, hit the muscle directory. Lots of picture... all squeletons, for the homophobic out there ; )


I do not see a pic on that site for the VG, and I want a real life example.



Do you really think someone is going to take time out of their day to take a picture of the flesh by the hip bone just because you can't figure out what you are looking at when you open an anatomy text book?

It's not like the text books are showing pictures of pig fetuses, theyre pictures of humans are just as good as 'real life'.



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Here is a video of someone doing it for you. http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Inject-Anabolic-Steroids-104545633
If you can't do it after watching this, then you must have rode the short bus to school lol.


Looks like you're the one who rode the short bus to school.

The video is a glute injection. The OP asked for a ventroglute injection.


Wrong link sir.


Thanks for the help guys