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Pic. of Squatter


Editing some pics. on my comp. for a shirt idea I have.

I'm looking for a picture of a guy doing a deep squat from behind. I will edit the picture with paint to make it into a silhouette(spell check?).]

I have searched google and yahoo pics, but can't find what im looking for.

Any help would be great.



The blond bomber!

I instantly thought of this pic when I read your description of what you wanted!

Let me guess, you're gonna have a t-shirt with that silhouette saying "If you don't squat, you don't know squat" or something, right?


would that be considered an ATG squat?


If he cut off his huge hamstrings and calves... No.


It's kind of hard to tell from behind, but BigHog is right, due to Draper's huge hamstrings and calves he basically is going to parallel while his calves and hams appear to be touching. If his heels were not on the board, he may have had to go down further to be truly ass to grass. But then again, it's hard to tell with the angle of the picture.



ATG is a weird term, it's relative. It all comes down to using full range of motion during the movement.