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Pic of Naked Fat Guy Falling on People?


Anyone know where I can find this pic? It's been posted a few times, but I don't remember where.



I don't know, but THIS is similar and damned funy:




I've got a fat woman in a scooter.


I've got a naked fat dude eating grapes.


Yeah, man, insult to injury is that everyone saw his junk, with full shrinkage in effect...


I've got a fat dude in a boat.


Ah, yes, I've always suspected carbs really were evil :stuck_out_tongue:


I even have some phat twins.

But nope, no naked fat guy falling on people.


Ooooh, I found one of a grizzly bear eating a motorcycle.


Kill it with fire!


Go to hell, you sick, sick man.

BRB, gouging my eyes out.


I like the twins! I hope they dont lose weight.


This reminds me of a time when I worked retail. I was replenishing the shelves in the toy section with a coworker when a woman came up to us and asked if we had and 'animals on stairs'. It was in the flier, apparently. We looked all over, but never found these 'animals on stairs'.

We also laughed our asses off. What the fuck kind of toy is animals on stairs?

Like that.


These are good guys, but you can do better. There's like 3 or 4 people sitting on a couch eating off paper plates and the fat guy has fallen on them...think he just has his pants down.


Where the hell do you find this stuff?


Wrong thread! This is for thick legs in SAMA.

Did you break your routine and train chest in the evening yesterday? At Richmond?


I didn't train yesterday morning (my one off day for this week). I did chest the day before yesterday. I did back today.


Ah. I saw a guy who looked like a pic I saw of you somewhere on here a while back.

He was lifting quite a bit too. Pyramid lift, finished at 365 and did a bunch of dumb bell shit afterwords. I thought maybe it was you.


Why do you want pictures of naked men?