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Pic at 6'1


26/M/6'1" 160lbs 3.5% BF.

Currently bulking @ 171-lbs 5% BF. Going to 190 then going to cut down to 185.

Sorry for lack of shots had a computer melt-down.


Odd picture but nice physique. What are your lifting stats, more diet and routine info as well.


Just curious why you were at 3.5% bodyfat. For a shoot or contest? Judging by the picture you look like you can get way with bulking up to 9-10% and still appear very lean.


Yeah bro, if you're thinking that you can't lose your abs when buliking, you may never put on serious weight. I'll bulk until they're gone. It's how I know I'm eating enough.



Right now I am doing a HIT routine. I was lifting 5 days a week, 1 muscle group once a week. Eating 4x a day ~3500cal. I am working on loosing the abs now.

About to start my first cycle. My metabolism is finally slowing, at 26, so thats why I've always been 3-4%.


How do you know you're 3-4%? Have a look at my back shot, does that mean I must be like -2% bodyfat??

What exactly is your goal? To be like something off the cover of Men's Health?

To be 70kg at 6' is just plain scary, on the verge of anorexic school girl even..well maybe not that extreme, but still 'skinny'. You then mention you're bulking to get to 86kg at 6', and on a cycle, and then cut back to 84kg? Are you sure you've done you're homework?? (Unless of course your goal is to be on the cover of Men's Health...what a waste of gear...85kg at 6').

Anyway, how much do you lift? (SQ, BP, DL, MP..etc?)

I gave you a 2, only because I don't share your desire to be a tumble weed. At 5'5 I want to weigh at least 85kg (one day lol).


Sorry ghostrun, I disagree with your logic to giving him a two. You said you give him a two ONLY because you disagree with his approach. He looks pretty good now, and he's going to be bigger then that with his current goal in mind, I don't see a tumbleweed there.


PF_88 he's posted 1 photochopped image, it's prolly not even him, it's some stupid dicky schoolkid.

Secondly welcome to the world of BodyBuilding, where everyone has a different opinion to you, and furthermore, the best person does not win, because in the eyes of the judges, the best simply isn't the best.

To be frank, I don't care what the dude looks like, but to be 70kg at 6'1 is dusgusting and is hardly, 'bodybuilding'.



PF_88 here is a better question for you, how 'BIG' is he going to be at 84kg @ 6'1?.

We had this 16yo kid start working for us last week, he is 6' and weighs 92 fucken kilos and is wafer thin. I didn't believe him so we made him get on a scale. I can only put it down to his puny 13" arms going on forever lol.


Dude you look like a ripped Prince William. Fine work!


That's pretty vague there, how big will he be? How am I suppose to know, all I can say is he will probably be bigger then he is now, it's impossible to guess peoples weight. I wouldn't have guessed from that pic that he's 160 pounds, so I do agree that the thought of it being a fake pic crossed my mind.

btw, you said that everyone will have a different opinion, just like you thinking 160 pounds at 6'1 is disgusting, that's also just your opinion. While I agree with you on that, there are lots of people who like it.


Nice abs but upper body needs some work.