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I’ve never heard of muscle being described in square feet, kinda made me chuckle.[/quote]
You need to get some bigger training partners. C’mon son.

I have to agree and disagree to an extent. Bret Contreras actually made an interesting case for “muscle confusion” in his article last month (page two here):

Like the saying goes, everything works… for about six weeks. But I will say that telling a guy who’s training with a strict 3-month deadline to change his training every 14-21 days is absolutely retarded. Conservativedog, you’ve given out some shady advice in this thread so far. Karate side kicks and triceps exercise are better for the core than sit-ups? It’d probably be a good idea if you slowed down a notch.[/quote]

All right I’ll just read more and stick to my original suggestion: “Sew your lips shut.Do 7-8 sets of deadlifts EOD (every other day) and watch the pounds come off. Start with low enough weight so you can warm up with 20-30 reps. Work your reps up to 40-50 and put a frickin picture of a pile of cash in front of your face while you deadlift.”

Although I’m assuming this threads a wasted effort for all since the prize money seems to have some how gotten lost and everyone else dropped out of the contest. Is that right or was that from another thread???

Kinetics said “for now , am not doing any kind of abs training.” I suggested sprinting uphill getting knees as high as they would go and hanging knee raises because of no gym.

My other suggestion (no weights or situps) was kicking and labeled retarded.

All I know is the guy I trained with had prize winning abs from daily kicks in the hundreds along with an otherwise sculpted body untouched by weights or situps. Oh yeah and he was frickin powerful as shit. And Karate went out with Eisenhower Battle Jackets.

My “muscle weighs more than fat” sentence is a volume mistake. You can still weigh the same and be smaller. I’m writing these between 2:00am and 5:30am so forgive me. If you take the same volume of muscle and fat and put them each on a scale, the muscle will weigh more.

A 100 pounds of feathers weighs the same as 100 pounds of rock. I also SCUBA dive and can tell you the fat dudes in wetsuits always need more weight on their belt to get neutral buoyancy at depth. And a 150 pound sculpted dude is going to sink in the water much easier than a 150 pound full figured woman.

It’s why your pant waist size may shrink but you may weigh more.

I’ve always used adaption/muscle confusion whether it’s university approved or written about by Joe Weider this month.

Chris that’s all the advice for the beginner mod I can think of for Kinetic at this time so I’ll slow down a notch if it will keep the community happy. I’d still like to know what part of anything submitted here could be categorized as shady.

P.S. repeating from jjackkrash post below