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PI: Bianca Beauchamp


I think I've been paying more and more attention to the Friday PIs lately, simply because I'm in a slump and need to get laid.

But my loss is your gain, cause check out her name on Google. This girl is straight S. E. X. even if I can't get any.


She is one of the most strokeriffic women on the planet... period. I hope she has the personality and mind to match. (yes, I like the whole package)


Not me, man. I would hope she is dumb enough to accidentaly screw me if we ever bumped in to each other.




world class ass but DD's look odd on a chick of 5ft2?
Still, id say hi.


That's not what you tried to convince me! :wink:


She's only 5-2 whilst standing.

Anyway-she's got unnaturally died hair, a small blemish on her right cheek (face) and has a touch of cellulite on the lateral portion of her left thigh just below the buttocks.


Y'all need to calm down. She just a decent looking girls with large implants.


BB is from Quebec.
The Quebec National Holiday is June 24.
Funny coincidence.


sometimes I honestly wish I wasn't quite so attracted to the female form...

It's just painful looking at some of these girls sometimes, good heavens...


Not a coincidence at all. Quebec as a lot of gorgeous women, and on june 24 they're all gonna be drunk......


I dont give a Shit shes a hot ass "redhead" (even if its unnatural red)


Yup. Just a funny timing coincidence. But we gotta thank France and their Filles du Roi for boosting the looks of women here eheheehehe. Now that's a gift that keeps on going!


Damn Nation, that's looking for flaws if I've ever seen it, lol.


And you'd still hit it like a drunk mexican going at a pinata.


That, or burning Canadian flags.


If past is an indicator of the future, you can expect some of the latter on the upcoming Confederation day. Sad but true.


She is nice but I like a little more muscle like the Ava Cowan pic with her abb's showing or the woman in the put up your dukes pic from Powerful Images.


Agreed completely. She's not that great. I've easily had better.


Don't go looking for the devil guys. Drunk people aren't the best indicator anyway.

And for what it's worth, I've seen more burning of Quebec's flag/vandalism of provincial property than I've seen of Canadian's.