PI 10/31 - Strongman Mike Dayton

no offense to any huge bodybuilders that no doubt frequent these pages, but that strongman mike dayton pic is my ideal of a fucking good physique and i guess ultimately my goal. he is muscular, he is lean, he looks powerful, and at the same time probably wouldnt have too many people staring at him if he put on a suit and went to the office. once again, no offense to any huge bodybuilders on here, i have competitive BB friends and i am amazed at what they’ve built-just not what im after…anyway, i was simply wondering if anyone knew of a site or something that had more pictures of guys that looked like that as opposed to '80s and up style BB? thanks all

I have to agree. Dude looks like a pretty ideal type physique to me.

Even in a suit, you’d be able to tell that guy worked out. I’d have to agree that he has a pretty ideal phsyique, and some of his feats of strength were extraordinary too.

youd definitely be able to tell he had broad shoulders and thick chest and such in a suit, no doubt, i just meant that he isnt so huge that you stop and stare at him. anyway, it seems as though you know who he is. pardon my ignorance, but i really dont- you got a site or something with information on this guy and others like him? id love to check it out, thanks

I think most guys who work out would strive for and be thrilled to have such a combination of muscularity, leanness, symmetry, and real-world strength. It’s great many individuals have specific goals in mind, but as a generalization, I’d say most male lifters would be thrilled to death to have this type of physique.