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PI 06/09/06: Who Is She?


Who is the fridge girl in the powerful image? Somebody's got to know....


Here is the link to where she was talked about in the past.


Her name is on the thread somewhere, but I am at work and most of the pages are blocked. Damn NET NANNY.


Here is the first thread that she appeared in.


I wont tell you what page she is on as that would kill the fun of searching through the thread to find her.



I believe we won't be hearing from the OP in the next couple of days...


I think her name is Keeley. She is from the UK.


I was about to start a thread about this. This thread needs a better / more descriptive title.

JEEEEZ-US! That chick is RE-GODDAMN-DICULOULSY HOT. TC, or whoever posts these: THANK YOU.


I know of Keeley. BIG fan. Can't tell for sure by this pic, but I don't think that's her. Could be wrong though.

Oh, and it looks like the title got an edit.


She be good for a positive testosterone level


That is definitely Keeley Hazell from her ZOO magazine spread. GOOD TIMES!


DailyNiner.com has more of her from the ZOO spread.




I'm not complaining but she's more oiled up than Richard Simmons.


Anyone have any info on todays soccer chick. She looks damn hot, even better than fridge girl IMO. I don't think fridge girl makes my top 5 of the females who made the T-Nation cut. Ya, I can definatley name 5 who look alot hotter. Britt Miller for starters.


No way can Soccer girl and Fridge girl be the same. I feel retarded now. She actually looks athletic in the soccer picture.


Right on; guess I better see the spread. It's a little hard to tell from this pic.


Yes, there are hotter women out there, but Britt Miller?
Was she standing behind you when you were typing?


Nah, I didnt see this post was started awhile ago and then someone continued it. Soccer is as hot as they get. I was speaking of fridge girl. I just woke up and saw todays image and almost lost it. She's purdy.


The fridge girl is from Myspace. She's on my buddy page and I've never met her. She's got a few pics that show just her ass, but none are even close to the fridge pic. I think it's photoshopped, because no one is that perfect.


thanks, I needed to see that...


I just find it funny that there's no way she could compete in soccer even at the local bar league level. It'd be like putting Sarah Michelle Gellar in rehband pants holding a fake atlas stone.



Fridge girl = Tiffany Teen.
Your Welcome