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Hi all, first post on this website, I value the comments and advice of this website over any other. My question relates to phytoSERMs. Here in Australia I am having trouble getting a chemically derived SERM without a prescription. I really don't wanna go through the whole process of getting one. I believe a natural phytoserm will be easier to obtain. Can anyone shed some light on them as a viable replacement? Cheers


High dose resveratrol, Indole 3 Carbinol? I don't know much on the subject...

Perhaps its something you could get away with a 2 on, 2 off cycle pattern to minimise shutdown? Providing whatever the hell you are using is VERY mild.

I don't believe this will be particulary effective anyway. Butter knife, gunfight, etc.

Surely there are some websites that will ship to australia?


There is no problem getting stuff shipped, but I have had a few experiences with customs lately. Very hit and miss here in Oz.


If you are wanting to use these for PCT, then you should reconsider your plan. It is not a very good idea to use OTC supplements for for this purpose. While people have done such things, I would not be one to recommended it.


Or if OP has a lot of money he could look into poliquins test boosting protocol?

Might have to get creative as he no longer makes androgen excellence.

Possibly best to keep with the 2 on 2 off dosing though.


I think there are alot of new serms (anti-E's) on the market to go with the
pro hormones. Most claim to be test boosters as well as control estrogen/progesterone.
They should be legal in your country. The 6 OXO extreme is excellent, if only to
recover your ejaculatory volume. The indole-3 carbinol works--you just have to take
enough of it--along with the herbal boosters avail. You may want to look into
the Chinese herbal system. These combinations can be quite powerful.


Serms are not anti-e's?
anti-e suggests an AI... which is what 6 oxo is.... and is widely considered to be junk. Hell I have two bottles in my cupboard that I initailly purchased ignorantly for a havoc cycle before I found out how damn useless the stuff is.
As for OTC AI's - isn't ATD meant to be one of the better ones?