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Alrighty, I was reading a little ‘health booklet’ and it was talking about phytoestrogens. It said good sources of it are soybean, flax seed, clover, and tofu. WTF?! flax seed? Now I don’t think the process of changing flax seeds into flax oil changes this does it? So all this time I’ve been supplementing my diet with flax oil I’ve been giving myself estrogen? This doesn’t seem right. Is this booklet wrong or am I missing something here? Looking forward to some answers.

I believe John Berardi addressed the issue already. Someone asked him about how flax can lower T-level. Check out the link below for the info. It’s the first question.

Thanks for the reply. I am now pacified. I was wondering since I’ve been doing better since the addition of flax oil. I didn’t think it made sense.