Physique Transformation Program


Ive made great progress in terms to fat loss so far on the Physique Transformation Program. Im currently on Week 11, have maintained strength on the big lifts while losing 22lbs thus far.

I believe im b/w 13-15% on a good day (upper abs in right lighting, veins in biceps, calves)

I believe I have every bit of 5-6 weeks to start approaching a true 10% (if not more)

I am considering running Phase 2 and 3 again of the program again after I finish the 12 weeks.I Have been following the Type 2A Carb Cyling for Fat Loss and enjoy the variety and have made incredible progress.

Any recommendations on programming my workouts following my completion of the PT Program would be greatly appreciated!!! Or another program to follow until I reach my goal of at or below 10 percent bodyfat.


I don’t know this program but if you have great progress and fun there is no harm in doing the program again. You could maybe (and maybe) and if you feel the need to, change some exercises for similar ones for the sake of variety (and as such more fat loss) for instance front squat for zercher, db row for meadows row, rdl for hip thrusts…

Or if you want to do another program there’s Athlete lean athlete strong, Zombie apocalypse workout or 6 weeks to superhero

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First, congrats on the solid progress so far!

As far as your question is concerned, I would first recommend doing 1-2 weeks of maintenance caloric intake and lowered demands training before extending the fat loss phase.

12 weeks of caloric restriction and hardcore training is the most I would recommend without a short break. A 1-2 weeks period of lowered training intensity and slightly higher calories will make it easier to achieve your goal.

After that, running phases 2-3 again would be a good option. You can change a few exercises while keeping the same program logic if you want.


Thanks for the reply Coach.