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Physique Transformation Program: Loading for Isometric/Eccentric Days?


Love your work sir.

A few questions on the “Physique Transformation Program”.

I am performing this program in conjunction with the: Type 2A Carb Cycling Fat Loss Nutrition Plan.

In Phase 1: What load should I be using for the Isometric Emphasis Day and Eccentric Emphasis Day?

You give an RPE but I have been freelancing the load I am using.

Please advise.



I rarely use % prescription because on any given day 80% of your max might actually be 90%+ (if you are fatigued, dehydrated, etc) or 75% (if you are optimized that day). Plus it’s hard, if not impossible to predict how much strength you will gain from week to week.

Another issue is that not everybody has the same efficiency on isometrics and eccentric actions. For example I train two bobsleigh athlete and both have a similar squat max (260kg - 574lbs). If I ask them to do a slow eccentric (6 seconds down) one will be able to get 240kg while the other will get 210kg. Same thing with including an iso hold in the movement.

That’s why I use an RPE recommendation. Yes, it means that at first you need to “wing it” but that’s really the rest I can do.


Thank you for your quick response, I greatly appreciate it.

In regards to nutrition (2A Carb Cycle Fat Loss): what do you recommend for the Cardio/ab’s days based on the Physique Transformation Program. I have been using the Neuro Day template on these days but have been considering switching to the Fasting.

But would Fasting 3x/week halt my progress due to the lower weekly caloric intake?

Thank You,


If your goal is maximizing muscle growth I would fast 3x a week. I would simply have a low carbs day.