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Physique Profiling, This is BS!



Warning to any brothers of iron living in Oklahoma, heck even the guys on this forum, watch out cause these bastards will try to come after us.

This is one of the reasons I took down my avatar pic of my back and replaced with a hot ass to avoid shit like this!

So a cop, can question me at the gym or anywhere for that matter because of my physique, bullshit!

At my gym, there is a lot of law enforcement members, they give me weird looks when I lift heavy, so eventually (legally) in the future they have an excuse to search me!! WTF

I live in Texas but this shit can catch on like wildfire amongst state law enforcement agencies and become legal in all 50 states.


Shit - i just remembered you pic! Sorry - but i just came from the Slin thread. Your bodyfat is close to 20% if not a little over already. You should be prepared to get VERY heavy indeed. I am aware you are a PL so you may desire more total 'mass' rather than just or predominantly lean mass. Just making sure..



That is pretty ridiculous. I'd tell them to fuck themselves, as long as you didn't have anything to hide.


You have rights, you can refuse questioning.

You can refuse search, they just ASK like if you dont say yes they are going to anyways.

Just ask for a lawyer immediatly.


But this makes it look like they will get a warrant to search your house just because you are 'too big' or something.


It really depends on the specifics of the cases involved (specifics not given to media). If, as the article sounds he is using some shady profiling, then it will most likely get tossed when it goes to trial. If it turns out that the warrant was issued in even small part due to this profiling and the profiling is out...well then...fruit of the poisonous tree and they are free to go.

I am curious though if the people involved with seaching the Secret Service guy's house and found nothing including a negative drug test got thier asses reamed out. I hope they did.


WoW is that a bunch of BS??? We should get all the "users" together in those V for vendetta masks and march our shirtless asses to Washington... Who's in?


Hahaha. I am.



Read that, that is absolutely fucked!


Welcome to the new America

Hope everyone likes their change


"Sweden is fucked up"-bump.


The links don't work anymore...it says the article cannot be found...

Anyone want to clue me in? Or send a link that works...