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physique pics

i have a friend who is an occasional poster on this site. he claims that anyone who has pics taken of their physique is gay. especially if your mom takes these pics of you. i had my mom take some pics of me in various bb poses so that i can chart my progress since im currently dieting t dawg style. personally i think that he must be gay, because he is not comfortable enough with his own sexuality to take a pic of himself. oh btw, he has only been training for about 2 months and is 5’11, 160. i have tried to enlighten him but it hasnt worked. so guys i ask, please post what you would say to him or what you think of him. ill be sure he reads it.

I don’t think it is gay to have pictures taken. It is one of the best ways to track long term progress and you can give em to ugly chicks as presents instead of spending money. I do however think it is weird to have your mom take the pictures. Oediple Complex??? Do you by any chance want to kill your father as well?
:slight_smile: Groove

You’re both probably gay. But, the psychological evidence I have for this is too detailed to go into on this forum, but suffice it to say, there is some serious homosexuality being displayed by both of you AND your Mom and it’s disgusting.

Tell him that you don’t have your mother taking pictures anymore, but that you found this fabou little photographer to take the pics for you, and for payment he only requires 15-20 minutes of spooning.

It’s even worse when you have grandmother off to the side prepping a Brazilian wax and your uncle yelling “Pouty…pouty! Show me curling in the squat rack! That’s some curling! Who’s got a body for life?! Show me that tone!” You guys beleive the shit we all have to go through? …Guys?

MBE: “Selling rentals. Since 1211.”

he said we here on t-mag have a fan club and we get together to trade pics in our speedos. keep in mind that the dude lives with an openly gay roommate, who he has an unusual amount of arguments with.

oh and btw, this is the same guy who recommends rubbing icy hot on your balls, for any injury such as to your hammy.

only queers have their mom take pics of them in red thongs. oh, it’s so i can track my long term progress. yeah right. it’s so u can make trading cards to pass out when u hit up the local bath house. look at the definition of my gluts. aren’t they shredded. 25% and 32% respectfully

I frankly don’t give a shit what your friend thinks.

If he can’t see the benefit of routinely taking pictures to monitor your progress (particularly long term), he’s an idiot.

Groove: It’s ‘Oedipus’, buddy. :wink:

Yes Ike you are correct the dudes names was Oedipus but when you are referring to it as a complex had by someone it is refereed to as an Oediple complex. You sill german speaking man you.
:wink: Groove

This is turning out to be another of those hilarious joke posts. I love it.

“this is the same guy who recommends rubbing icy hot on your balls, for any injury such as to your hammy.”

P-DOG, you were born to put a smile on my face. Comedy genius.

25 and 32% respectively I think…


his roomy is not gay, just incorporates a large amount of soy in his diet(he’s korean). and the icy hot was for a pulled groing not hammy. but from what i heard you would rub anything on your balls including watermelon juice?

uh, groove, it’s Oedipal.

Chances are you are gay and aren’t wiling to admit it. Have you tried taking it in the ass yet?? Maybe you’ll like it. By the sounds of it your roomate would be more than happy to comply. I would aslo recommend watching “the Ya Ya sisterhood” and reading books recommended by Oprah. If you enjoy these activities at all you ahev your answer: Gay!! There’s nothing wrong with taking posing pics but I at least get a chick who I am not related too, to take them. Think long and hard about you sexuality(ps, if this sentence excites you, you may have your answer already) and then let everyine know what you find.
:slight_smile: Groove

ok mdog the word is out. everyone knows your the icy hot advocate that lives with a gay, soy eating, korean bartender.

pugs your right it is 25 and 32% respectively. mdog cant even get his own shit straight.

groove, i always thought it was the oedipus complex also. however, i can assure you i do not have that at this age.

physique pics are definitely one of the best ways to track progress. even if oyur mom is the photographer.

Groove: Gotcha. It was not immediately apparent that you were using an adjective instead of a misspelled noun. Either way.

Pass the Icy-Hot…

I’m getting all sweaty just thinking about slathering myself with that stuff. Ike, you finished with it yet?

This post is gay.

The guy has been training 2 months? Who cares what he thinks! Man, people who don’t train don’t understand why we do anything… it is mysterious to them why I want the plates facing inward on the bar. They can’t understand why I’m eating now when we just had dinner 2 hours ago, or why I don’t want to eat a bunch of mashed potatoes and macaroni at 8 pm. Or why I would pass up the “opportunity” to get drunk and smoke cigarettes all night just to get 9 hours sleep.

I bet anything that if this guy is still lifting a year from now, he’ll know how big around his calves are how many carbs he had at breakfast, and he’ll have a pic of himself hitting a back double biceps pose to compare to last year’s spring break pics.