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Physique Photos: Pumped or Unpumped?

Hey Everyone,

I was just curious on your views of how one should take photos for the physique section of the website? Do most of you get a pump going before you post pics (or would you) or would you do it without lifting beforehand?

I ask because although the former may offer more ego gratification, the latter would probably provide the viewers with a more accurate representation of the lifter’s physique. Some people end up looking like they’ve got 10 lbs more muscle after they finish a good workout, so is it just a skewed representation or making the best with what you’ve got?
A peanut is not a pea nor a nut, dicuss!


I usually take picture on my off days, so I guess unpumped. It would be cool to take both to see what kind of diffrence there is.

I agree that for personal progress pictures, it would provide a more accurate representation over time if the pics were unpumped.

I know that there was debate a little while ago whether or not measurements should be taken unflexed or flexed. I think that flexed is more approporiate although cold vs. pumped is another issue.


I agree. With a good pump I can appear to have an extra 15 lbs or so.

Most times that I’ve seen measuring instructions, they’ve specified to take measurements while unflexed. That includes “the greek ideal” as well as body fat calculators. Actually, the greek ideal does make one exception, to take the biceps measurement while flexed.

Not that it really matters though, as long as one is consistent.