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Physique or Bodybuilding?


Im 5ft 11, 200lbs and two weeks away from my npc show july 16. I'm trying to figure out if I should go for physique or bodybuilding. I feel like I don't have enough size depending on who shows for light- heavyweight.

Ive done bodybuilding, but never physique.

Any thoughts?


Post mandatory poses and people can give a better assessment.

BB mandatories and physique mandatories




front lat


most muscular i might use possibly.


this one i didnt really do a good job at contracted my abs


lats, not pumped


physique pic


physique you really only do quarter turns, and then kinda pose. I feel like I like the whole aspect of bodybuilding but I dont know if I want to go on stage and try too look glamorous.
even though I think thers not much difference in diets of a bodybuilder and physique, you have great symmetry, proportion, bone structure, lean..etc. Probably not as vascular or bulky as a bodybuilder..my opinion of course


even after the pics youve posted it's pretty hard to say without knowing what the competition looks like. ya know?


Ya, NPC national michigan bodybuilding and nicole wilkins fitnesss, figure and bikini classic. Team universe and national qualifier,Drug tested. I did the show last year in light heavyweight for my first competition ever, just to get my feet wet. Second show I did much better at michigan northern naturals.

Last year this show was huge. Many competiters.


Do you have aspirations in either one? Or are you looking for the greatest chance of winning?


You look good in the pics. Tanned, more peeled, and onstage and you may look bigger than you actually are.


take this with a grain of salt but experience is experience. ive even heard of guys doing both the physique and the bodybuilding parts of a show.


I think you'd do better at bodybuilding simply because your legs are very good and by far your strongest point and a physique contest would take that away from you.


I was going to say this.

OP don't you feel your legs strong vs. Competition? Those board shorts won't do you any favors.




I'd go for bodybuilding. Size is there and if you come in very grainy you'll do fine. By the way, no one ever felt like having enough mass in his/her first show...

You should, IMO, practice your posing and have someone experienced to help you with that. Knowing how to pose correctly is so important, believe me. That holds true even for physique comps.

Very much looking forward to following this.

Cheers, PA


Excellent physique. You could do well in either catagory, but I'd say to go for BB. : )


I actually just saw your show is in 2 weeks?? You better get cracking on your conditioning man.