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Physique Opinion

What’s up guys I’m new to the forum. I’ve been lifting for about 3 years naturally. I switch my training routines from high volume bro splits to more golden era full body workouts. I would appreciate some feedback on my physique. Stats are 5’10 189lbs 24 years old. My question would be do you guys see more room for growth and improvement naturally or is it time for my first cycle?

A pic would be helpful. But even without seeing a pic, you have about 10-15 years worth of natural gains ahead of you.


Also, 3 years is nothing. I wasted more time than that just not knowing what to do and listening to the wrong “advices.”



Thanks for the feedback. I thought I had uploaded some pictures so I’ll make sure to do that.

That’s a pretty damn good physique for 3 years of work. Congrats man! However you still have a long way to go before you near the end of your natural gains.

outstanding physique for 3 years, i mean, really good results!!

Thanks guys I can honestly attribute the little success I’ve had to my diet and the mind muscle connection technique. Also would like to mention that I do no type of cardio