Physique Evaluation

I’m looking to find someone to do a physique evaluation for me, either online or in person. To be clear, I’m not a physique competitor, nor am I looking to be. I just want to find someone to give me an objective view of my physique and what it looks like vs. what I would consider my goal physique.

I just have a hard time making an honest evaluation and I vacillate between thinking a) I’m skinny and need to add muscle or b) I’m puffy and need to lean out. Ideally this person would also give me things I would need to work on to achieve my goal (as much as genetics will allow - I’m pretty sure my structure would prevent me from getting there 100%).

Any suggestions are extremely appreciated.

If you want opinions here, clearly, pics would be helpful.

My requests would differ slightly from most others.
I like both relaxed and “posed” from front, side, and back; to include calves and thighs.

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Appreciate that. I was looking to do something 1-on-1, so really just hoping to get some suggestions of folks who might do that.

Your local gym probably has plenty of people who compete and also coach. Start asking the big guys if they compete and coach then get a price for a consultation.

Honestly, the Rate My Physique section of the forums would give you the feedback you are looking for. You can always blur or edit out your face if that is an issue. Not only will you get a full critique but most will give advice and point to resources for improvement.

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