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Physique Cycles


Ive been working my way through every thread and post and enjoying it all. Now ive heard you alot tell people drugs arent needed in mens physique or they are taking way too much. I even saw you say some pros are natural which personally i dont agree with. Regardless, what in your opinion is a normal cycle for a top physique competitor? I do agree that alot of novice competetors are taking way too much and its actually more detremental to their physique then good.

The problem with physiqur is it seems to be taking a turn from "physique" to mid size bodybuilders. The last few nationals ive been to the physique winners were bigger then some of the bodybuilder winners. A few pros i know are the same way i mean they are just massive. So just curious what your opinion on a pro stack would be

Thabks and look forward to your thoughts.