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Physique Critiques

If anyone could give me some ideas on how my physique looks currently and where it looks like I could use some improvement I would really appreciate it. Kind of new to the bodybuilding world.

Current Stats:
- 20 years old , 5 foot 9
- roughly 180 lbs

You have fat to lose and muscle to gain. I wouldn’t focus on anything specific - besides taking photos that help people give you feedback.

This was the best photo I had at the moment. Im not currently where I can just stand in front of a mirror, my b. Im bulking as of now, just wanted some opinions on if there were any blatantly visible areas I need to work on. Im trying to get to like 200-210 lbs then lean out a bit.

you should certainly not be bulking, at that body fat % your body is not in an optimal state to build muscle at all. You will continue to just pack on fat. What does your program look like?

Not exactly sure what body fat %, if I had to guess Id say probably around 14-15%. I need to buy a caliper for sure. I have a 6 day a week program split between 3 workouts (chest/triceps, back/biceps, and legs/abs). 3 days on, one day active recovery (swimming), repeat. I lift heavy low reps for most of my big lifts with some accessory lifts on the side at higher reps each workout. Here is one other photo I was able to find on my phone.

well now that’s a MUCH better picture for us to gauge what you’re working with. I disregard my previous statement. I correct myself to say just continue to focus on the big lifts, getting stronger like you seem to be doing in order to build a solid base while not overdoing the “bulk” eating slightly above maintenance. Then once you cut again, you can better tell the areas for improvement.

I appreciate the advice bud. Yeah Im still trying to fine tune the calories, right now I’m sloppin down about 3500-3600 per day. Im making semi-slow gains in my weight which is what I think Im looking for. Like you said, not trying to go wildly overboard with the bulking lol.

So far so good man. Push for those 220 and lean down to 200. Bazinga.

Your arms in compassion with your chest look really big thou. Which is good, but bigger chest would give you an overall bigger look imo

Do you have any issues/pains with your shoulders while benching?

Yeah I actually do, kind of in the front armpit/shoulder region on my left side mainly. My bench is decently heavy for my weight I believe, sitting around 330 rn. Ive recently been trying to focus a lot more on incline chest work rather than just the standard flat/lower-mid chest work.

You are not 14-15% bf. That’s more like closer to 20%. You just have a good amount of muscle compared to average person that you look leaner. But yeah, I’d focus on losing fat.

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