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Physique Critique, How to Improve Abs?

First time posting here go easy on me lol. need a physique critique . always had very shallow abs and never quite got the fat off the mid section leading to a skinny fat look. training weights on a push pull legs split and 30 mins cardio per day on 200gram protein 150 gram carb split. can anyone suggest what I can do to improve my mid section. is it a case of just keep cutting or should I be doing certain exercises to thicken the abdominal walls. all comments appreciated.

Just to let you know, a handful of folks may or may not ask to see leg pics. It’s a non-negotiable type of thing here.

I always recommend direct ab work. Cable crunches and hanging leg raises work well, making sure to contract abs hard. Legs bent on the hanging leg raises to reduce hip flexors limiting you. Also practice displaying the abs, contracting a little and vacuum at the same time.

Judging by the pictute provided its probably a combo of too much midsection fat and needing to build the abs.


Thank you very much for the reply. I will work on these two exercises and really contracting hard. The tip on the leg raises is excellent as I was uses to swinging . Going to give this a go today

Start off doing them like knee tucks, so just hang and curl knees up to your chest using your abs
You won’t be limited by flexibility so can really get full contraction.

You have very nice proportions (don’t know about the legs, though).
You need to shed a little more fat to see where you are with ab “see-ability”. The sheath over your abs might be excessively thick (which could be a problem).

Make ab work more of a priority, with in mind to grow thick abs. Build the muscles in your waist. Do some heavy resistance exercises. You will need rest days if you want to grow the ab muscles.

Another tip is whenever you’re standing around or sitting, place your finger tips of one hand on your abs and flex them, trying to feel their presence. Try to count each ab.

Abs are mostly created in the kitchen and not the gym. Some people just generally have a difficult time genetically too. You have a lot of solid mass but need to drop a significant more amount of BF to see abs.

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Thank you very much everyone above for the absolutely solid advice and excellent replies. all the tips have been taken in and will be used. going to carry on dropping fat and prioritise ab training and see how I get on. new to the forum so incredibly humbled by the help and moral support.