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Physique Competitor to Triathlete


Hello all, this Saturday (4 days) i will be competing in a mens physique show. After that i will begin to train for a triathlon in 8 weeks.

I used to be a big runner, and raced moutain bikes, but its been 3-4 years scince ive had a cardio focused goal. I am a life guard and swimming lesson instructor, so the swimming isnt a problem for me, im just hoping the running/biking comes back to where it was back when i was competitve

Because ive been away for awhile, any advice on getting back into it would be appriciated,

thanks much,



Most proper triathlon plans split the three events up during the training week, with maybe 1-2 days of combining them.

If you have good running and cycling form, your swimming cardio will translate well. Don’t just focus on swimming, but if you can complete a 1+ hour swimming workout, you can handle the cardio aspects of the running and cycling.

If your gunning for a more elite-type time cut, adjust your time on the bike and running accordingly.