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Good luck with your training. When you are doing rest pause if you can get 8 to failure rest 10 seconds and get 8 more then you are holding back in the first set man. Let it RIP!

It looks fairly similar to Beyond Failure Trianing by Trevor Smith with the slight rest pause instead of the forced reps. It can be absolutely brutal so eat up.

Are we going to find out what your diet is?

Diet will be posted later today/tonight…

Would you say it was more difficult to do this type of workout with a partner since you have so many short rest periods with constant dropping of the weights?

I just did a session of Quads today using the methods CT has prescribed for you with Back/Traps, I did hack squats, leg press and lunges. It was fucking brutal. My Surge ended up in the car park with bits of chewed up orange along with it!

I didn’t really feel sick until I had my post-workout drink though, so I guess you should just wait a couple minutes first.

Hi bizarre

Just a quick question i hope you dont mind helping me with.
Do you keep to the same weight thru-out the set or do you adjust so you hit the 8-10reps?
Also in most of your main sets your doing around 6sets of about 8-10 reps , just wondering has CT told you to do that number or do you just keep going till you cant lift or push any more??

Best of luck with the Clinic

regards alex

For the BACK/TRAPS workout, there were a lot of drop sets as I remember. With the leg routine the exercises were mostly partials, like the chest and biceps routine. I will post the leg routine soon. In terms of weight, with the drop sets you drop your weight by 50% each time it says to do so. Unless otherwise specified, the weigh is kept the same. I have performed 3 routines so far and they have all KICKED MY ASS!

The 8-10 reps is a target to hit for the first set so that you know how much weight to use. My advice is to go a little lighter than usual as these workouts are truly brutal, and you should work up to full potential. Best of luck to y’all!

[quote]Goodfellow wrote:
My Surge ended up in the car park with bits of chewed up orange along with it!


This totally had me laughing.

Keep up the good work man.

Maybe I have a different definition of partial reps, but I was wondering…

could you/CT/whoever explain how does one perform BACK SQUAT partials to failure and live to tell the tale???

Did Thibs and Shugs know you were going to be somewhat MIA for the beginning of the Clinic when they chose you?

Good luck with finals and good luck with the physique clinic.

It will be interesting when you get your posts up to speed.

A. Back Squat 6-8 reps 2 sets
Wt: 125 Partial
Reps: 8, 8, 7, 5
Reps: 8, 7, 6, 5


I was wondering how you are able to do 8 and 7 repetitions after only 10 seconds of rest-pause having made 8 repetitions to failure in the first “mini-set”. It’s incredible.

Quick question, how many times a week are you training and do you know if CT has put any ab specific exercises in any of you workouts?

regards alex


Your physique is the closest to mine of the chosen four, so I’m going to follow along with you as best I can, same workouts, same diet, (mostly) same supps. I’ve got finals too, so I know what it’s like. I did your back workout, went home, and chugged Surge while doing homework. I want you to know we’re all pulling for you. PM me if you need any support, I’ll be here.


Quick q:

How did you/CT determine your starting weights for the various exercises?


*Back Squat partiasl are also known as 1/4 squats
*Starting weights were determined by myself
*Training 4x/ week and there are no abdominal exercises as of yet
*I was able to perform 8 reps and then 7 reps because of my faithful spotter. Having a good spotter/training buddy is key, especially with these routines, at least that’s what I think.

Hope that answers all your questions. Keep’em coming… Thanks for the support everyone.

Are you training to failure on these sets? I was under the impression that you were doing rest-pauses. If youre getting 8 reps on your first rp set and 7 on the next, you didnt go hard enough on the first, IMO.

my thoughts exactly

Do you train shoulders and triceps at all?

so far you have trained chest and biceps twice and yet no shoulders/triceps…