Physique Athlete/Fitness Model Training?

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I currently weigh just over 140lbs (still lean with abs though- not that it matters much- just adding context to the type of weight gained). I am also only 5.57 feet tall at the moment [/quote]
Okay, so you’re about 5’7" (5 feet, 7 inches. I can tell you used a calculator, no big deal) and 140 pounds. Like I said, train hard and eat well, and see how things are going when you’re 160ish.

And really, I’d be more concerned that you - a 17 year old male who’s lifting weights and presumably not living in a barren desert - has gained less than 10 pounds of bodyweight in almost a full year’s time.

Dude… food.[/quote]

I’m flattered that you remember me from that last thread. :wink: . I agree with you though, I definitely should have gained more weight (I’ve only really had the guts to start eating big over the past few months- was scared of getting fat- that’s where I started 4 years ago). A quick question though, how much weight ‘should’ I have gained (in terms of lean mass, not water weight and fat)?


In your first real year lifting, 2 lbs of muscle a month is doable, so around 20 lbs or so. Keep in mind that adding muscle means adding more ‘water’ in terms of more glycogen storage capabilities. Hopefully someone smarter than me will answer more in depth.