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Physique at 17 and 18


These are of me at 17

At 18 don’t have any photos of my back but will take later


Dude you have very nice genetics and you have clearly worked hard to get that nice body. I think you could be a model or something, either that or a physique competitor for sure.


My overall aim is to become a classic physique competitor thanks man


I can see it man. I lovewhen people actually train a well developed vacuum. Definitely a pose that never should have been lost. Great physique brother. I expect nothing but great things if you keep it up


legs. like, a lot. Upper body looks great, good proportions. But if your legs now are similar to when you were 17, they are lagging by quite a bit.


Thanks I used to train for vacuum every second day


Yeah they have always been my lagging body part they are bigger now but still a bit smaller in proportion

This is my current shape in the morning before food at about 90-92kg after being a month off diet and training only 3-4 days per week. Started back on diet 5 days ago and started training 6-7 days per week 2 weeks ago


that’s a clear improvement for sure. the outer quads were a much bigger problem before. And actually based on this last photo, I might say they’re pretty proportionate. Taking photos from that angle always makes legs look a little smaller than they probably really are. You’re definitely on the right track though, and it seems like you’re good enough at assessing your own weak points.


Thanks for the comment and feedback it is much appreciated, I am 19 this December and I want to compete in teens before I turn 20, do you think I would cut or bulk from here, I was thinking of doing a small cut for like 1month do drop a bit of fat to lay the new gains on and take it slower and clean bulk


I would just find a show and prep for it man. Don’t have any expectations for it, just pick a date, prep hard and do your best. If you win you win, but just getting your feet wet by just being on stage would be the best thing imo.


I think where your bodyfat is right now, a solid 4-5 month show prep would be absolutely sufficient for getting into contest shape without a struggle. You could potentially do it quicker if you put a ton of work in. So take that for what it’s worth. Big picture, you obviously want to put on more muscle to be competitive at a high level. But if you’re really just looking to get on stage now, you could start prepping whenever you see a show coming up that you want to do, and get that experience under your belt. But yea, if you’re looking to compete within the next 12 months, I would keep trying to gain until you’re about 5 months out from the show you want to do, and then begin a prep.