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Physique Assessment and Nutrition Guidance

Hello all… I have a question regarding how much I should be pushing food in my upcoming “mass” phase. My physique over the past few years has gotten better, but I’m always a little hesitant to really dive in with the food aspect because there’s so much information out there that seems to contradict. For example, some say eat big, others say eat just enough. I’m 22, and I don’t want to waste my “prime” muscle building years by spinning my wheels.
With that being said, are there opinions on where should I be focusing my PPL routine as I bring my calories up? I’m thinking legs, chest and back are lacking most, although overall mass would be best. Cheers.

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Looking good. During your massing phase I would eat to gain .5-1 lb a week depending on what you are comfortable with. As you said you do not want to waste time and try to gain only muscle keeping lean the whole time. Did you just finish a cutting phase?

Would you be doing PPL 2x a week or 1x? Chest does not look to bad. Back width/thickness and especially posterior could use the most work.

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It would be a 2x per week PPL… actually a LPP haha. But yes I agree with that and I appreciate the assessment. This is actually kind of my baseline look for the most part, I run fairly lean genetically.