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Physiotherapy Career

A few of you might have noticed my thread regarding that terrible job that I quit. This has given me new reason to try and further my life by getting more into my chosen career path. Right now I have just finished my first of two years of college (community college) in health and fitness promotion. It's extremely easy for me as I am used to operating at a university level, and I plan on fast tracking a kinesiology degree in 2 years (I have already figured how I am doing this.).
Career wise, I'm looking for something in the physiotherapy field. It may be as low as being an assistant, or as high as a sports chiropractor. Right now I'm wary of talking about grad school and the likes because I haven't done the work yet and put my time in and gained experience.

 If anybody else is in a similar path, I was wondering how you went about getting experience/volunteer/entry level jobs in the field? I was thinking about calling up all of the clinics and talking with them to get some insight.

 My other option is do just do some entry level PT for a year or two.

 Next semester we begin our co-op placements and internships