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Physiotherapist Recommendation in the UK?

Hi! Can anybody recommend a good physiotherapist in the UK? I have injured my hamstring but cannot find the strain either with a foamroller or even with my fingers. I can feel it pulling even when I bend over to pick stuff up from the floor like shampoo in the shower or if I drop food on the floor. I want/need them to diagnose what the problem is first and then offer treatment. Somebody like Bushido Bad Boy from back in the day when I was a lurker here would have been perfect but no way to contact him now.

It is stopping me doing deadlifts, BOR and squats so very frustrating. I want a PT who is familiar with weight training, if this would be helpful. I have never been injured before so I am not quite sure what I am looking for in a PT.

Any suggestions or general advice would be much appreciated!

Without knowing where you are specifically I can only recommend:

Thank for that smart arse. It would have been better to just not reply. However, I live in a fragile state and will be flying back specifically for this so I don’t really where care in the UK it is and I didn’t ask for a generic physio that has played the algorithm game with Google so they appear first, I asked for a recommendation for a good one.

If I recommended a good one near me how could I possibly know that you can access it?

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I’d travel. If I am already travelling across two continents to see somebody, an extra few hundred miles/km within the UK itself isn’t going to be a major factor.