Physiology Help

I am a competitive athlete who snapped his forearm in half about eight months ago. I have subsequently had two surgeries to repair the break. The second surgery involved taking a bone graft from my hip to help stimulate bone growth in my ulna. The bone graft was a success, and the break is currently about 25% healed over. As I have a plate holding the two halves of the ulna in place, the surgeon has given me the ok to start light lifting again. The only problem is that my next competitive season starts in four and a half months, and I really have not been able to do any upper body lifts for the past eight months. In about six weeks, I am contemplating doing a cycle of sustanon and dbol (with clomid throughout), to help get my strength back up. At this point, the bone will still not be completely healed. My question is: does anybody know any negative side effects that these drugs may have on bone resorption and deposition rates? (I did a medline search, and most of the information dealt only with the elderly and osteoporosis, not young healthy athletes). Thanks.