Physiologically Low SHBG - Effects on TEST


I have a couple of questions in regards to TRT. I am currently 25 and had a lot of blood work done in recent months to determine my “issue”. A quick little background. I have been impotent since my first sexual experience. After many years I discovered that this isnâ??t normal. (about 50/50 chance of it “working”) and decided i should see a doctor.

I lost around 55 pounds, quit drinking, quit smoking and eating properly. Fast forward to today, I have multiple test AM tests done (5 to date, ranging from 6.2 to 8.0 nmol/L)(170-220 for you yank’s :P). After these tests were done I was sent to a specialist for further testing (some stats are… SHBG 12 nmol/L, SHBG 12 nmol/L, Testosterone/SHBG 0.65, Bioavailable Test 5.8).

After these results were done it was determined that I had “physiologically Lower levels of sex hormone binding globulin”, and no further action was taken by that doctor. I went to get a second opinion as being impotent at 25 is in my opinion unacceptable. The new doctor seemed to care about my person issues and decided to start TRT (delatestryl 200 mg/ML, 1.5ml per month, and 1 shot, but because its on short I had substitute it for Depo-Testosterone Inj 100mg/ml at 3ml per month). I had baseline testing done before my first shot, and will be repeating testing every 6 weeks for 3 visits, than once every 6 months.

Now my questions. Should I be cycling, or because this is TRT there is no need to cycle? Also, at this dosage is it necessary to have anything for estrogen levels? What kind of side effects should I be expecting at this dosage or what should I look out for? Also, at this dosage how long will it take effectively be in my system (next day, or 2-3 weeks?) And what kind of questions should I be asking my doctor for when I see him next? With low SHBG, would TRT even work? my understanding is that you need SHBG to use the systems free test…

Thank you for taking the time to read, I have been keeping logs of weight, pics of nips/tests, logs of how i feel, libido, etc etc. I will share my experience in detail once i am in a couple of months.

One thing i have learned is that i should atleast be injecting once every 2 weeks, rather than once a month to prevent highs and insane lows.