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Physics of the Afterlife


I'm not really religious or particularly spiritual but I like some Buddhist principles such as applying logic to the afterlife.

I'm curious about fellow T-Nationers thoughts on the following statement:

"The physical laws of this life cannot possibly exist in any afterlife. Because the physical laws of this reality disable all your senses and perception after death."

Deep,obvious or nonsense...

I think the logic is irrefutable but what conclusions could you draw from that?


If we look at what we know of human existence, then this, "The physical laws of this life cannot possibly exist in any afterlife. Because the physical laws of this reality disable all your senses and perception after death." is the only conclusion you can draw.

You come in to existence, live, and die.

The End.


It's rather hard to talk about something that transcends physics and our senses. Logic won't apply there.
Even the concept of "afterlife" is a bit of a dealbreaker, because it strongly implies time.

We don't know, nor will we ever.

The safest bet is what Ephrem wrote.

However, accepting death as an end also means that every second here is beyond valuable.


Logic does apply to the afterlife, but physics is a little different.


Relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wupToqz1e2g


Nonsense. Because whoever made that statement hasn't defined what they mean by the 'physical laws of this life' or explained what they mean by those laws 'disabl(ing) all your senses and perceptions after death' nor provided a cogent argument to back up whatever they're trying to say. Yes, utter nonsense. Here's some more:

'The sensory perceptions of this reality cannot possibly be transmigrated with the soul whilst fasting due to the total and utter disproportionate distribution of non-integrationalists in comparison to organic vestibules of the interior.'


What evidence do you have that suggests that human awareness/consciousness is not [totally] contingent on physical attributes?


This will explain everything. It will answer ALL your questions. Pay attention:


Another troll.



You're clearly an SP:


Being serious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_problem_of_consciousness


The question of "why does consciousness exists?" is answered when we discover how it comes into existence.

I've no doubt that, in the near future, we will find out how the brain gives rise to consciousness. For the moment though, i can only answer the "why?" question with, "because it does."


I think Carl Seagan would be an excellent person to consult on this matter, The Book Dragons of Eden was a marriage of Science and Religion



The question about an afterlife is in essence a question about the nature of mind.

"Do i exist [as a separate entity]?"

Greater insights into the nature of mind can be gained from the use of psychedelics. Altough these experiences may lead to even greater delusions about the nature of mind, experiencing DMT, mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics can be life changing.

I don't want to derail the thread, so let's not argue about legality, but knowing to what extent our brains shape our reality and ourselves gives you a different perspective on what mind is.


I would put Marijuana in that catagory ,also


Well said. I agree most of our logic is dependent on what physical laws we understand. So to draw any definitive conclusions is obviously impossible.

The friend who said this to me was using it as an argument to say the afterlife couldnt be bad. Which I dont agree with.


I was trying to keep the statement succinct.

But essentially all physical laws that our senses depend on. Eg. Sound waves vibrating your ear drum
As someone else said our consciousness isnt dependent on our senses. If I was floating in a vacuum with no stimulus to my senses my mind would still function...until I suffocated.

However once the body dies the brain no longer has any electrical activity to drive that consciousness.


None whatsoever. Logically I think its physically impossible for human consciousness to exist without a functioning brain.

But thats the point of the statement. In order for you to experience anything in the "afterlife" physics as we know them would have to change.


Thanks I'll check it out. I read Richard dawkins the god delusion awhile ago which was quite interesting.