Physical Therapy

What’s up T-Folk? I am in the process of considering a new career. I am a mechanical engineer right now, and I just can’t seem to enjoy it. The thought of working at a desk all my life is pretty depressing. So I am considering going back to school for physical therapy. Being a T-Man an interested in nutrtion/training I feel this might be a good fit, I wouldn’t want to turn into a Personal Trainer!!! So I am going to volunteer some time at a clinic, but I just wanted to see any experiences you guys/gals have had with it? I don’t want to say money is a primary factor but how do they do financially, anyone know? I’m from CT if anyone is in the same area and can provide more specific info in this area.

man, if this isnt strange… I was a PT major, but got out and went to ME. I ditched because the outlook was starting to look grim. With the tendancies toward HMO’s, and the rush of PT assistants (2 year degree, make a lot less $$$), the market for actual PT’s was goin down. I didnt want to go to school for 6 years and not have a job. Although, its 7 now at my university. 5 year bachelor, 7 year masters. But, if you can manage a to grab a job, I think the starting salary is somewhere between $40-60K. sorry for such a ballpark range, but it has been a while since I checked the numbers out.

Thanks DA MAN. Just looking at labor stat’s the outlook is suppose to be pretty good. That’s for n ow up until 2008. I wasn’t an ME major, I was physics, but I’m starting at 40,000 so its comprable. I heard that the money wasn’t that good, but I’ll have to talk to that guy again, maybe he considers 40,000 low. Thanks for the info. If anyone else has anything to add, please do.


I would trust someone more up-to-date than myself. If it was an acedemic advisor or something, take it with a grain of salt… acedemic advisors havent been the cream of the crop in the brain dept. in my experience. But if he has some kind of liturature to back his yappin, I would be inclined to believe him.
Like I said, its been a while since I looked at the numbers, havent been in the PT world in almost 3 years… But if the job market is still looking strong, and the money is still good with it, i would say go for it! if you hate what you do, you will despise getting out of bed every morning. and that is no way to live.
Have you looked at any other engineering/physics related careers? the prospect of going back to school cant be too appealing. I am co-oping full time now and taking a half load of courses, and it blows goats! There could be something in the engineering world that sparks an interest for you… but you have most likely already gone that route.
Sorry for any incoherent rambling, and good luck with your decision. in the end, happiness is what truly matters…

How about ergonomic engineering, or prosthetics?