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Physical Therapist/Married Woman, What to Do?


I herniated a disc in my neck lifting, and was told to go to physical therapy. I went and was very short and not too friendly when I was there. The physical therapist is a woman and she was nice making small talk with me. One day she said she was going to something and insisted that I had been there before. She seemed a little strange, and that was when she stopped working with me.

This made me feel uncomfortable and she stopped asking me how I was doing and someone else worked with me for about 2 weeks. One day I came in and she awkwardly said hi to me, but still wouldn't look at me. I was told she would be working with me, so she approached me from across the room looking down at my chart, and when she looked up our eyes met and she asked me how I was doing.

I smiled and said good, and she had a huge smile and it was electric. She then proceeded to talk my ear off and was very happy. She has seemed like she had been waiting till I came in to ask me or talk to me about something several times since then. She also seems to get upset if I don't pay her as much attention as I do some of the other woman.

This all sounds juvenile and somewhat immature, but I just wanted to know what some other people thought as far as whether or not she seems interested or if I should pursue. The problem being she is married, and I know her husband (kind of) and see them around at multiple places. I just don't want to make myself look like a jerk, although I am sure some of you would think I am already


H Christ…


My first thought, “What the fuck am I reading…”

My second thought, “You are a piece of shit if you pursue a married woman especially if you know the husband.”

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Make sure and ask her husband if she can date first.


I bet you think waitresses and bartenders really like you, too.