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Physical Aptitude Exam (Coach Davies?)

As part of the admissions process to the Naval Academy a candidate must take the Physical Aptitude Exam. One of the tests in this exam is the kneeling basketball throw. To do this, they candidate kneels down, holds the basketball in one arm, and then attempts to throw it as far as possible without letting any part of their body touch the ground (other than knees, etc.).

My performance here is very bad, despite the fact that I have been working out consistently for years doing both cals and weights. So, does anyone have any ideas for a movement or workout that could improve my performance?

do godd mornings with bands and kneeling squats explosively ala westside barbell club and simulate manuver with med ball throws with various weight

Tried to search the site, but couldn’t find any information (except for a very brief overview) of what kneeling squats are. Can anyone help out here?

I just took the PAE and am also looking for a shot at Annapolis. I threw 102 feet on my first throw and just tossed the other two for numbers. What I did to prep: been lifting for a few years (you said you had also, good), wrestled for 3 years so far (kinda late to start for you, oh well), and practiced! I took one look at the list of event on the exam and said ‘Basketball throw? What the F—?’ So I grabbed a few balls and went to the track at my school and started throwing them. I had my little brother shag and threw until the balls were just rolling from my hand, rested a few hours, and threw some more. A basketball doesn’t weigh much so you don’t need weeks or even days of recovery time, just a few hours, some Motrin and ice if you’re sore, and a lot of humility, because face it, you look like a fool when you’re kneeling there. Remember to STRETCH before, during, and after, throwing a basketball is nothing normal for your shoulders after all.
Good luck and Semper Fi!
Newport, RI
PS-- You better not get my spot at the Academy because of this advice! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Chris. I don’t know what it is about it, but I could only get about 48 feet out of it and I tried about 10 times before the 3 for distance. Long jump wasn’t too good either. I may get the opportunity to retake the test though, hence my question. Thanks again.

PS - This is my second year around, I’m actually in college right now. First year I was DQ’ed for medical reasons, but that’s all sorted out now.

your asking a simple sport specific question. You need to throw a basketball for distance from a kneeling position - then you mush practice throwing in the same manner. There are a number of ways to improve your results - how long do you have? In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the reply Coach. Time is a little on the short side, I’d say about 2 to 4 weeks. I don’t think I have access to a medicine ball, although I like that suggestion. Also, if you have any pointers for improving standing long jump, let me know. I was planning on starting the GVT 2000 program this coming Monday, as well as doing lots of sprint work, just to let you know. That can be delayed though. Thanks again.