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Physical Activity Intolerance

Hello T-Nation users,

My problems started on 1st January, when I woke up. My throat was sore, my muscles were sore. Simply, I catched a flu. And I was so dumb that I have trained over it. I continued my training for a week like I was completely healthy. After this week, I was so sick that I finally stoped training and I have decided to cure myself. Everything went well and I was almost ok after a short period of time.

Almost. Since then, I constantly feel scratching in my throat and I’m slightly coughing, every day for 7 months. I also can’t do any physical activities (resistance training), because I’ve got strong cough, chest pain, cold and other symptoms after two or three training sessions in a row.

Recently, I’ve done complete blood tests and tests for chlamydia, mononucleosis and other things, but my blood is totaly ok. I’ve also underwent chest and heart X-ray. It showed that I have slight bronchitis, nothing more. Doctor gave me some antibiotics and other medicaments, but it didn’t work. I simply dont know what to do.

If anyone could give me some advice what to do, I would be so glad. For now, I’ve got this symptoms everyday for 7 months and it’s not getting better.

PS. Sorry for my English, I’m from Czech Republic