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Phys. Ed No Longer Required


Are you kidding me? PE no longer required...lets just get fatter and fatter:


I'm not sure I see the problem. Is it really up to the publik skoolz to require students to "exercise" to graduate? ("Exercise" in H.S. P/E is a joke)

"Within the high school, it's so important that students are taking physical education so they can learn all the skills for a healthy lifestyle," she said.

How about in the home? Parents could do wonders by kicking the kids off the goddammed PS3 and making them go outside and play when they're young.

Article says they're not nixing PE, it's just not a requirement for graduation.
Highschool PE was one of the biggest godawful wastes of time in my life.


At first blush, my initial reaction is to say taking out PE is bad, but SteelyD makes sense as well as some of the points in the article. I work at a 4 year college and most of the kids coming in sure as hell need that extra time to be better academically prepared.

And when you look at these kids and see how lazy and out of shape they are, even though they take PE; you realize the culprit isn't a PE class or the lack of it. It's the sedentary couch potato lifestyle that they have learned and developed from their overweight, lazy parents.

A kid who is serious about being healthy and in shape is going to do SOME sort of physical activity and watch what they eat, just like an adult who is concerned about such things would. My father never had to drag me or my brother to a weight room or get us to play sports. We saw what he did and we followed suit. I doubt very few, if any; people that engaged in physical activity at that age were "forced" by their parents.


I agree with SteelyD, I think it's more up to the parents than the schools, kids spend stupid amounts of time sitting round not doing anything, 1 hour a week in school isn't really enough to make a difference.

The only way I can see of sorting the mess the world is in now regarding health is to bring in a compulsory health insurance, like car insurance, where you have to pay for it, but you can get the payments reduced by making the right choices- eating healthily, exercising, not smoking, drinking excessively, taking drugs, etc. otherwise people just don't give a $hit and expect the nhs to deal with it, by giving them a gastric band because they ate too much and sat on their fat a$$es their whole life!


By the time high school rolls around, PE is just a pain in the dick If you're reliant on PE to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, you're pretty much fucked.


I agree relying on PE to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle is about as effective as watching a video about the Food Pyramid to learn about good nutrition. But kids these days already spend most of their waking hours sitting on their ever-larger asses. Do we really need to take away an extra couple of hours of physical activity each school week and replace it with more inactivity?

And has no one ever noticed that it's easier for kids (and many adults) to concentrate after some physical exertion?


i used to love playing kick ball... schools are so overcrowded these days that even decent playing fields etc is overrun with portables...


Taking away PE is a joke. Kids need not only exercise in school, but also to be taught about the human body so they don't grow up stupid to the idea of their own health. Amazing how many adults don't even have a basic understanding of how their body works.

Just the same, there should be some financial class as well to teach financial responsibility. Yes, this stuff should be taught at home, but wish in one hand shit in the other as they say.

My parents were awful with money, leaving it up to them to teach me is what caused me to make many mistakes in college and shortly after.


But nobody's "taking anything away". It just won't be a requirement to graduate high school anymore.


Steely I see your point, however this to me is an easy way out.

The reality of the situation of dropping PE requirement is setting a precedent also. "Well we suck at teaching kids PE and we do not want to improve what we do, so lets just quit. Why make kids do something hard, its easier to just give them a choice. No one left behind. They are all special snowflakes."

If our educational system in America or even some states could rival other countries then I would agree, however we tend to keep "dumbing down" our system as it is. Now we are giving passes to sit on there ass even more. Just my .02 fist bump.


Just out of interest what does PE consist of in the US? I work in this area here in the UK, and PE lessons are still heavily games and sports based. It's a core subject all the way through school pretty much, which is something i definitely agree with. I will however say that PE should not be held responsible for looking after the health of the youth. PE is definitely a good way of introducing kids to new sports and activities that they will hopefully then use to help them stay active and healthy, but it should not be seen as solution on it's own.


Both of my parents were teachers and one thing I can tell you is that you can not rely on a teacher with limited control in the first place to CHANGE the damage done by a lifetime of fucked up parenting and bullshit habits and excuses. A school teacher can't even reprimand a kid today without having their job called into question...yet we really think PE should work like a personal training combine?

I got nothing from organized PE in high school. At the most, it just gave us an hour to play basketball or volleyball. But then, I don't remember more than two kids in the entire school being fat in the first place.

How is a school PE teacher supposed to get all of these fat ass video game playing kids to change their habits, eat right, AND do intense exercise while in school? It is damn near impossible unless you bring back the ability to spank these kids.

You are basically asking a teacher to NOT reprmand your kids, while NOT making them feel bad about themselves at all (because we all know parents will be calling for a firing of that teacher if you so much as make Billy feel like he's fat to start with), while also getting them to change completely.

Good luck with that.

This stuff starts at home. That teacher and that school didn't have those kids. This comes back to personal responsibility.

If you don't want fat kids, quit letting them do all of the things that make them fat.


It depends on the school. At most you are looking at running around the track, playing a game of volleyball or basketball or doing some push ups or pull ups as a group. It is nothing that will make anyone cry or throw up.

I remember very few kids being able to do even one pull up back then.


LOL @ "dumbing down" phys-ed.

Schools are dumbed down because of lack of parental involvement. Period. Parents = apathetic or lazy.

Phys Ed activities I remember: Yoga. Square Dancing. Badminton. Darts (yes, darts with pointies). Fucking.Joke.

The whole public education argument is wasted on me. Homeschoolers do in 3-4 hours what takes 8 or two days in public schools because of the baby sitting that has to take place. "Phys ed" is fluff.

You want your kids not to be fat asses? Throw away your TV and game boxes. Stop buying Twinkies and moon pies. Make them go outside and run around. Put them in some extra curricular activity that involves movement.

Bullshit if you say some parents can't do this.

Schools don't NEED phys ed as "a requirement for graduation" when there are so many kids graduating somehow without fundamental math and reading skills.

No phys ed a travesty? No. Colleges offering remedial math and reading classes is a goddammed national travesty.


I was in high school 1990-1994. Our PE was basketball, volleyball and sometimes an introduction to a sport. For example, my freshman year they'd teach you some basic wresting moves then pair you up to see who execute the moves. Most of the time though, we just hung out on the bleachers. I was on a sports team most seasons, so I didn't feel like running around during gym knowing I had practice at 3. The exception being playing basketball since I couldn't get enough of that.


Yet, they all likely had "Phys Ed" and "Health class" as a requirement to graduate .........

Interestingly, amazing how many adults don't understand basic science or math concepts and haven't read a book beyond the required lit assignments in the 10th grade.


Worse, those same clueless people will argue with you about a known science fact as if it isn't true based wholly on whether it lines up with they learned through hearsay or tradition.

I had a patient once who needed a wisdom tooth removed because it was literally turned sideways and was infected. He called his wife to ask if he could get the treatment and she went off on me on the phone about how she didn't need her wisdom teeth taken out so she doesn't see why he needs it or why she should pay for it.

She hadn't seen the x-rays and the tooth wasn't erupted so she couldn't see it in his mouth at home anyway.


On a related note, all my high school PE teachers were big fat slobs.

I was a chubby but athletic kid. I played soccer and baseball and league street hockey all through grade school. I watched a lot of TV but still played outside most of the time.

I was chubby because my parents always had shit food in the house that I gorged on and they never put the brakes on. Plus, Italian family so all the family households were filled with food.

Even as a kid it's true that you can't out train a shitty diet.

I took control of the diet in high school when I started playing gigs and didn't want to be a fatass on stage. I guess the hormones kicked in. Played HS football, hockey, and baseball plus I ran a lot. Had dick to do with "phys ed".


I can't say the same. My high school pe teacher is the one who pitched for us to finally get a real weight room. He was built like an NPC heavy weight...and watching how the female teachers responded to him was hilarious back then. By my senior year, our school that ahd no sports finally got a REAL weight room. Too bad I didn't know how to eat.

His classes actually did train us to some degree...but no one else through school was the same at all.


I should have been more clear, I was actually looking at it from the administration aspect not the teachers. Teachers do not decide what curriculum is set for graduation, or set what the standard of education is. Also from a parents point of view, most parents look at their children as being the best and brightest at everything. As a parent of 5 kids I can attest to what I have seen raising my kids and other parents.

I know not every kid can play sports however setting a standard of at least having some type of physical requirement at least puts some pressure on the situation.