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PHUL Routine (Give Feedback Or Critique)

about to start a PHUL routine. Have a real busy schedule and realistically can only train 4 days a week. Mon-Thur

Critique my program. I just wrote it up and im concerned if its too much volume

Upper body

T-bar Row 5x2 @ 75-85%
Pullup weighted 5x5
Benchpress 10x1 @ 90%
dips @ 10/8/6/15-20 reps
overhead press 3x3 @ 90%
lateral raises 10/8/6/15-20 reps
db curls 2 rest pause sets at 6-8 reps

Lower body

Deadlift 5x2 @ 90%
squats 5x5 @ 75-80%
hack squats 4x8 @ 70%
ham curl 2 sets rest pause at 6-8 reps
back extension 4x8
cable crunches 3x8-12
rope pushdown 10/8/6/15-20 reps

Upper body

incline benchpress 5x2 @ 90%
db fly 2 sets rest pause at 6-8 reps
Barbell bent over row 5x5 @ 75%
Lat pulldown 4x8 @ 70%
reverse fly 2x6-8 rest pause
incline curls 4x8 @ 70%

Lower body

Squat 10x1 @ 90%
pause at knee deadlift 5x5 @ 70%
leg press 3 rest pause sets at 6-8 reps
leg extension 10/8/6/15-20 reps
good mornings 4x8 @ 70%
decline crunch 3x8-12
kickback 4x8 @ 70%

judging by your avatar photograph you’re in great shape so one can only assume that any routine you design you’ll attack it with the sufficient dedication and intensity required to get results, so without even having to read your post I’d say it’s probably all good!

If this works for a lengthy amount of time for YOU, then it’s good.

I would be DESTROYED from the leg workout and the combination of rep ranges (lots of low reps with high intensity [percentage of 1 rep max in this definition of intensity]) and exercise combinations.

Standard deadlifts with 90% of the max followed by squats would wreck me and I believe it would do the same for most intermediate to advanced people. Squats for 90% for TEN sets?! All the other 90% work for upper body.

I don’t know how one can sustain this. Weighted pull-up for 5 x 5 and then bench press for ten sets of 90% singles.

Dude, I in no way mean to be a wiseass here, but I ask, how did you come up with this? What is your goal?

I agree with @BrickHead. If you can handle this Dorain-esque heavy, high-intensity style, more power to you. I’d be dead. MAYBE I could handle it for a week. MAYBE. But my CNS wouldn’t know what to do after that first week, and would probably just shut down.

I want to quote Brick here:

What you described can work for a SHORT cycle (two, maybe three weeks depending on individual) - especially when all your ducks are lined up. However, you stated “Have a real busy schedule…” Could this mean that you may not be able to manage proper rest and stress?

Correct me if I’m wrong here but doesn’t PHUL consist of two strength-oriented days and two hypertrophy-oriented days? If that’s the case, this really isn’t PHUL but your own interpretation.

Which leads me to my next question. Are you here for legit critiques or do you just want validation?

You got two posters here, Brick and IronAndMetal who actually look like they lift because…well, they do. And they’re both telling you to ease up on the throttle.

Now you can add me to that list.

Internet advice taking 101: if you want to achieve a certain result - then talk to those who’ve achieved or are clearly in the process of achieving those results.

I can easily write a thousand words on how to better modify what you’re doing but I won’t bother.

So instead, I’ll keep it brief. You don’t need all that work at 90% or more; dial the heavy stuff down closer to 80% and occasionally go harder on those glorious fucking days when you know you’ve got it.