Hey guys, I have a question??.. lately Ive been trying to find information on pro-hormones to answer some questions that I have about them. The problem Im having is finding the information. Everyplace Ive found any information at all has been completely biased one way or the other. First question is where can I get some good information on prohormones and how they work?

If anyone can help me better understand them by replying with some information, that would be really helpful too. What Im really trying to figure out is how they work?..what parts of the body they effect?.. how they effect them??.. what are the possible side effects?? what sort of safety measures were taken against side effects(before the ban)?.. how effective were these safety measures?.. what further research is being done??. Etc?.

Any help at all would be great?..

I can’t say for sure if all your answers will bw found here:

read all you can on this site re:


I got some great information from his website, which included some detailed info on body utilization.

Just read up on steroid info since ph’s were just an atempt to legally sell gear anyway.
Although some knew drugs did come along out of this most were just trying to mimic prexisting steriods.

Look up info on this site about MAG-10. The origial article on it explains a lot. Also an article called ,Steriods for Health, I believe, will give a lot of helpful info in this area. Also look up the Steriod Newbie Thread on this forum.

Hope this helps

most of the old (now banned by the way) PH’s were chemically considered steroids but not anabolic agents in and of themselves. They would (or were supposed to) convert into the anabolic agents (like andro => test, norandro=> nandrolone, basically). I wouldn’t worry about trying to find them anymore. They’re banned, you mind as well just use straight up gear, at least you’ll know it works if you get the real stuff.