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PHs: More Than Just What I Need to Know


I guess the title was a play on the sticky, but anyway...

I was wondering what the opinions around here are on pro-hormone use, especially if you don't have a source for AAS and have no idea where to start to find one.

I've heard that methylated steroids are pretty much toxic because of the fact that they are methylated, but I know people have used them and they haven't all died (yet), so I figure they can't be so horrible as to immediately drop a man dead.

Any reason to take pro-hormones? If so, what would an equivalent cycle/stack be compared to AAS?


I'd PM westclock or hope he drops by, this seems to be his forte. If I recall he mentioned aggressive dosing of havoc+epistane has comparable gains of a decently dosed ( less than 500 mg) test cycle.

methylated doesn't really matter, plenty of AAS are as well and it's not an issue as long as you are smart about it (watch your alcohol intake and don't run for very long durations).

If that's all you have access too I don't see anything wrong with it, I just don't like them because I really have no idea wtf exactly I am putting in my body.


The whole "not knowing wtf exactly i am putting in my body" is a pretty big deal, I'll agree, but it seems worth the gains. Thanks for the info, hopefully some others will reply with their own opinions as well.


Epistane isn't too bad if you're fated to run an OTC product. It's a real steroid, not a prohormone, btw. Not that dissimilar from a mild anavar type of effect. It'll give you some muscle and added strength. Less risky than the superdrol clones or tren-wannabees.

Take a liver supplement as with any 17aa. Add in some fish oil for your lipids and drink plenty of water. Run a proper PCT when finished.


I was in the same place as you regarding sourcing. If you poke around on the web a bit more, maybe look for feed back from people getting other prescription drugs besides steroids, you could have success. You could also try one of those source check sites that others have talked about. Anyway, don't give up and you will find legit gear. My two cents.