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Phrases to Yell During a Krav Drill


We do a drill in krav where person A closes his eyes & person B sneaks around & smacks them from any angle with a punch sheild. Person A then attacks the pad with whatever strike we were just practicing.

Person B often also shouts something aggressive at person A to add a little adrenaline. This also serves to get people to not be shocked at hearing aggressive or violent language yelled right at them. Being shocked causes one to freeze for a moment, & we want people to react aggressively. For instance, at my female students I sometimes shout, "Move, bitch!" or "Get in the van!"

Well the other day I was smacking an Army guy who'd just come back from the middle east & will be returning soon. I've heard that "God is great" is often used as a battle cry, and that "Allahu akbar" is the Arabic translation. So that's what I was yelling.

Am I correct about this? And what else should I be shouting at soldiers? How about cops?
I'm open to suggestions regarding civilians as well, but I'm just clueless about the experiences of soldiers & cops - and I don't want to ask them directly, because I want to surprise them.



You're a PUTZ!


"Humdullah" means praise Allah. You could shout that I guess. Or "Fuck you pig" to a Police officer (I'm assuming that's what ruffians would yell at a LEO)


Any combination of cocksucker, cunt, douchebag, fuckin bitch, motherfucker, while telling them what piece you're going to tear off them.

A phrase I like is, "I'ma rip your fuckin throat out you bitchass motherfucker." In just a few words, you say volumes.


I ma bust a cap in yo ass?



Shout the name of the attack as you do it. So if you were throwing a kick scream "CRANE KICK HIYAAAH", or "CROOKED TIGER PUNCH!!". That's pretty badass. I saw it in some kung fu movie.


i tried saying something to that effect while ejecting some dude by tthe throat and all i really managed was a 'arrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh grrruuuurh'

when translated though, it works perfectly


"oi vey!"


"GO JOE!!"

The possibilities are endless.


hahah. Yea that happens. Anytime I've been in the shit the only word I seem to remember is "motherfucker." It comes out as "muddfuck"


I am totally gonna tell some guy to watch his balls! I'm not kidding.

Okay, it was a serious question, but I have to admit I like the Tourette's answers better.

Boobs! Muddfuck!


yell, " i ate all the beef stew mre's, we've only got spaghetti left" or "the Marines shit on the floors of the building you guys are supposed to inhabit" that should get him going.


That's not fair, he'll flinch. Even mentioning balls makes a man flinch.


Miss P,

well, most soldiers and cops should have had some training in dealing with this...operative word: SHOULD. all cops are taught to verbalize loudly what they want someone to do, so yelling at them shouldn't cause too much of a spike in BP and adrenaline (example: we yell "BACK DOWN!" or "GET ON THE GROUND!"). cops do this for a lot of reasons....to clearly tell the pserons what to say, to keep from yelling "motherfuckergetyourfuckinghandsbehindyourbackori'mgonnafuckingkillyou!" and more importantly, make it clear to the public what you're doing. it's a pretty big deal to see someone to get spiked on the ground when you don't know why, but if you see a cop yelling at someone to do something and then spike them, it dones't omce across as bad. this has saved my ass in court many times.

as far as from a military perspective, when i deployed, we had Iraqi roleplayers (who were Iraqi) yelling "Allah Ahkbar" and "Bush-Bush-Ali Babba" (Bush is bad, in reference to W). they also did a lot of chanting in Arabic.

i think this is all worthwhile training....for a trained person, it has a little effect (more or less makes you aware of it). but i think to someone who's never dealt with a stressful event like a self-defense situation, it will have more of an effect then the attack. kind of a sensory over-load (like a flashbang, maybe?). so yeah, i think it's a good idea.

really you can yell anything, as long as it's really loud...punching someone in the face and yelling "I AM WEASEL" was one of my buddy's favorites (back when i was young and stupid)




Thanks, CycoB! I heard about a guy who trained this way yelling, "I'm a spider monkey, bitch!" And yeah, its the newbs who get scared when you yell stuff at them, the cops & soldiers just fight back & grin at you afterward. I guess I'll stick with Allah Akbar - Obama ali baba just sounds silly.


"Don't tase me bro!"

"Fuck you pig, I'm not going back to prison!"

Add cunt after pig for female pigs, they will get tested and intimidated and sexually taunted a lot more.


"Don't TAZE me bro" sounds a lot like "TAZE me" to most cops....FYI.


"Baby, i'm gonna leave you"


Still perhaps the funniest you tube moment ever