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Photoshopped My Avatar. Can You Guys Meme It?


I know there are some clever folks in here just want to see what you guys can come up with.


The best I can do when I'm this tired.


Weed's a hell of a drug. I totally believed I was screwing Amanda Seyfried.


Your chest is hotter than the fires of Mordor.

I like big pecs and I cannot lie.


Time for you breast exam?
Of course I can help.

Trust me.
This mammogram won't hurt a bit.


"Gives it to us....Raw and Wriggling"


Bend Over


This is definitely the funniest so far.

My questions: Is the girl in your avatar your girlfriend? And did she recently break up with you?


Wait a sec

You got 3 hands...nooooo!


So my tinder date was like

Hey bro do you even lift


Hey hey guess what

Thats not my finger


Thanks for the replies, guys. Really appreciate. The three above are the ones I like most!

No she is not my girlfriend. It's funny that you should ask that question though. Initially, when I showed the above photoshop to my friends, they all thought it was hilarious.

The only one who didn't find it funny initially, was you guessed it, her (the girl in the pic). I'm pretty sure she felt slighted by it because her response to it was, "So what are you trying to say?" I was kind of surprised by her response. I explained it was just something that was done in good fun and I didn't mean anything by it. She's cool with it now.

Anyhow thanks to everyone who responded!