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Photoshopped Gender-Bender Lulz!


Some damn fine work here:





Lol. I genuinely thought the first Ashton Kutcher one was real.


aw fuck the nightmares I'll have....


Who else thought orlando bloom was emma watkins?


Lady Walken will haunt me for weeks, and Jacky Gylenhaal was disturbingly not ugly


You're right. They were similar.


No change in Harry Potter then?

50c and Tarantino HOLY SHIT!
FUGLY would be an understatement!

(devils advocate)
C'mon fellas' after a few beers you know you would! Tits is all it takes for some' just sayin!


^Wud Ya?


50 Cent looked exactly like Condi Rice


Made it to the third image before my mind went AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Fuck it, Salma Hayek is still hot with a beard.


Shamefully I would have to agree lol


Those are lazy photoshops, gosh, people can't even remove the stubble and add makeup?? :-p